Last month I spoke of the benefits of receiving monthly massages and now I’d like to explain the benefits of adding essential oils to your treatment. Along with being a Registered Massage Therapist I am a Certified Aromatologist.

Essential oils are the result of steam distilled or pressed flowering plants, roots, tree bark, fruit and herbs and the final product would be an essential oil. Which contains many chemical constituents that are beneficial to the body, mind and emotions.

My clients enjoy not only the aromas that are breathed in upon application but their medicinal benefits as well.

  • Reduces inflammation in muscles, and skin
  • Reduces spasms in muscles and removes lactic acid build up
  • Reduces stress and helps the central nervous system to relax
  • Reduces tension in the key areas like your spine and neck
  • Reduces pain in joint areas like knees and hips
  • Reduces leg cramping and pain from varicose veins
  • increases circulation especially for the legs and feet
  • increases lymphatic circulation allowing that system to perform its duties
  • increases well being feeling throughout the body and rejuvenates the mind
  • removes toxins and viruses

If this is something you would enjoy or can see yourself benefiting from contact me. I can do Direct Billing for 13 companies so you can come and enjoy the treatment and I worry about the billing.

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