What is the Aromatherapy for Therapists?

Aromatherapy for Therapists – EBOOK is for the massage therapist looking for practical experience in using essential oils for their clients. This course guides students to use particular essential oils for specific conditions. Teacher,Jeannine Millan is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Aromatologist, and Usui Reiki Master has used and taught about the benefits of essential oils since 2000.

This distance learning class covers the basic history of essential oils and their benefits as well as cautions. We’ll cover 12 essential oils, including which oils are safe for pregnancy. Below is a list of common conditions we see every day as therapists and you will learn how to use essential oils effectively for these conditions.

  • Headaches (Chinook, Migraine, Stress)
  • Sore Muscles – Aches and Inflammation
  • Bone and Joint Issues
  • Relaxation or Stress Relief

Other topics are carrier oils, application of essential oils, storage, blending ratios and more.  This course will help you feel more confident in applying essential oils for your clients benefits.

CEU’s or Educational Credits. Please note the NHPC National Healthcare Practitioners of Canada has deemed this class worth 5 credits. CMTO Canadian Massage College of Ontario deems Ebooks to be worth 1 credit for every 2 hours of study time. In my estimation this course is 8 hours so 4 credits. The CMTBC Canadian Massage Therapy College of British Columbia sent me this explanation. This activity was denied as it does not fall within the scope of practice of RMTs in BC.

There is a test given for those wishing to have a certificate of completion for your educational credits. This comprises of true and false and fill in blanks type questions. We will send you the color version and if you choose to print it out there is a Black and White version then remember to print is about 75 pages. There are interactive pages allowing you to answer questions as you go along with the notes.

New Addition!!! a 20 minute video comes with the Ebook through Utube links which will be sent to you once payment is received.
These videos cover the application methods for the four conditions covered in the Ebook.

Don’t forget the therapeutic kit is available on the website check under Products link for that.

The time is about 8 hours of study.  There is no dead line for reviewing the book and you will need to forward on your answers to Jeannine to mark.

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