What is Aroma Detox Massage?

Aroma Detox Massage uses the power of essential oils, Vita Flex massage techniques, basic back massage and a heat application. This technique is utilized for systemic ailments, spinal alignment problems, viral infections, and detoxification.

Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant, tree, or root of which they are derived. Much like plasma in our blood, the constituents in the essential oil give the plant life and vigor and are essential to its survival. When these oils are applied to the body they are absorbed through the skin and travel down through the epidermis and dermis levels to our interstitial fluid that runs within our bodies. The particular oils used in Aroma Detox Massage were chosen for their effects on fighting bacteria and viruses that travel throughout our bodies. Our immune system is on constant alert for foreign bodies and is ready to do battle 24/7. These oils can help our immune system with that job.

The effects of Aroma Detox Massage can be very profound and immediate, as in this example of its effects on Scoliosis. Jeannine shares this example:

“A 21-year-old woman who had been diagnosed with Scoliosis when she was 8 or 9 years old was assessed before her treatment by myself and eight other people. She had a noticeable curvature in her spine. While dressed and standing we measured her arm length, which had a discrepancy of 2½ inches from one arm to the other. Her posture had developed over the years to compensate because our brain will always attempt to keep itself at a proper angle regardless of what happens to our spines. After the treatment her posture was quite improved and her arm length was only about ½ inch in difference instead of the 2½ inches prior. She came back two weeks later for a follow-up treatment and since then has not had a re-occurrence of this problem. Her only side effect was to retrain her body to accommodate her posture changes.”

Some side effects of this treatment include a detox process that can vary from headaches to digestive clearing, flu-like symptoms and fatigue. These are natural side effects when your body releases toxins. Some clients prefer to experience the Aromo Detox Massage just for the detoxification effects 3 to 4 times a year, as this can help rid any viruses lying dormant in the spinal fluid and throughout the body.

The Aroma Detox Massage class covers this popular spa and clinic treatment for detox and spinal alignment. Students learn the basics about the essential oils and blends and techniques used in the treatment. You will observe, give and receive a treatment. You will also learn how to use these oils and blends for other conditions for your clientele base. NHPC credits are available and certificates will be given. The Aroma Detox Kit contains all the oils and blends and is included in the class fee. A Crystal Bowls CD for spinal alignment is now included in the class fee or can be purchased separately for $20.00. You can find out more on the CD at www.frequenciesofthesoul.com written by Kimberly Mast.

Please note however that this class is not considered to be a certificate in Aromatherapy that class is about a year and I recommend West Coast Aromatherapy for online certification. Also the NHPC will allow educational credits for this course but as of now there is no modality listing for Raindrop Technique, Rainbow Therapy or Aroma Detox Massage techniques. According to the NHPC this is considered an educational course full day workshop under Massage techniques.

Jeannine Millan RMT, Certified Aromatologist, Usui Reiki Master