A Reiki Share is a gathering of Reiki practitioners from all levels and also other energy workers who wish to participate. Even if its been a long time since your training there is no time like the present to reactivate it. We begin with a cleansing using smudge or my clearing spray (depends if you have issues with smoke) also a ritual using feathers that clears your auric field. Then we begin with one person on the table at a time and the rest of us all providing Reiki. If we have a large group over 6 we can split up onto two tables. The usual amount of time on the table depends on what issues come up but the average is 15-20 minutes each. The time is longer with less people but will keep the session to about 3 hours the host will provide herbal tea and water for the group. At the end of the session we do a closing practise and those who want to can stay after for discussions. This share openly uses essential oils and sprays to help clear the and balance the chakras to keep in mind. There is no fee for attending.