What is Spiritual Aromatherapy?

The Spiritual Aromatherapy class is geared for Energy Workers, Chakra-Balancing therapists, and Reiki practitioners Yoga Therapists. The class covers how to use essential oils and sprays that assist your clients with energetic imbalances. You’ll learn how these applications will affect the energy field. Some effects include:

  • clearing energetic blockages
  • releasing attachments
  • clearing and sealing up the energetic field where damage has occurred

Students will practice with chakra sprays, essential oils of Frankincense, Rosewood and a spinal alignment blend called Brave Heart, Grounding Blend and a Meditation Blend. The class is 7 hours in length. The class is eligible for 5 educational credits with the NHPC.

Watch our calendar for the upcoming dates & times.

Fee: $125.00 plus GST