Feb 11, 2018 @ 09:30 – 17:00
Calgary, AB
Jeannine Millan

Aroma Detox Massage uses the power of essential oils, Vita Flex massage techniques, basic back massage and a heat application. This technique is utilized for systemic ailments, spinal alignment problems, viral infections, and detoxification.

The Aroma Detox Massage class covers this popular spa and clinic treatment for detox and spinal alignment. Students learn the basics about the essential oils and blends and techniques used in the treatment. You will observe, give and receive a treatment. You will also learn how to use these oils and blends for other conditions for your clientele base. NHPC credits are available and certificates will be given. The Aroma Detox Kit contains all the oils and blends and is included in the class fee. A Crystal Bowls CD for spinal alignment is now included in the class fee or can be purchased separately for $20.00.

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