My Juice Plus+ Story

My JP+ story is rather different because most people who decide to use the product seldom discontinue it. Well I was on the product for about 10 years then for one reason or another got off the product for about 4 years. During that time I gained 30 lbs, and was diagnosed with Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure. Like many North Americans this is the one two punch in a rising list of common medical conditions.

Being in my early 50’s peri-menopausal, not as active as I should be, this was a none to common occurrence for my gender and grouping.

After trying out another company and their regime I found it was not serving me health wise as the JP+ had done in the past. They had tested me privately and found my BP extremely high and my blood sugars to be around 12. (safe is under 7). After a year on their product nothing had changed. In the fall of 2014 I was put on the HBP meds and two diabetes meds as well. My Metformin however I could only tolerate 2 pills a day.

In January 2015 my three month sugar reading was down somewhat to 8.3 but that was not controlled as yet. In March 2015 I began the Trio of Juice Plus+ capsules giving me a hearty basis of whole food nutrition daily, I got on the transform 30 program which includes the their yummy shakes and fibre bars. I went on the whole nine yards so to speak and got results. In late May my three month sugar reading came in at 6.6 my doctor was happy even smiling. He must get frustrated when his good advise gets ignored. Also during this time he reduced one of my BP meds which began causing late day swelling in feet and toes.

I contribute this change to the capsules and shakes when you see the counts on them nutritionally they are a good balance of fibre versus protein and carb. The shakes are considered either a great snack, post workout drink or as a meal replacement for weight reduction or weight increase product. Besides which they taste great. I have tried many other fiber based shakes and they are thick, clumpy and hard to digest. Not true with JP+ Complete products, I use the Chocolate mostly but they do have a vanilla type as well. I often will make the two shakes in the morning and take one prepared in a cooler for later. When I drink it it has not gotten all thick and gooey on me its still as yummy as ever.

My work is mostly as a mobile massage therapist so I can be on the road from 11-9 every day I work. This makes it hard to eat regular meals and I must plan ahead otherwise I am eating out and we all know what that means. Fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol by the buckets.

Using two shakes a day as meal replacements I am seeing a shift in my body weight as yet I don’t have a number to tell you but safe to say things fit better. Now I had to get active to help all the body functions and increase the weight reduction.

I consulted with a holistic nutritionist and we came up with a plan of eating 6-7, 200 calorie meals that in total combined to give me the right amount of protein, fiber and lower carb intakes. Eating several times a day and beginning with no later than 8:30 am as my first food intake this keeps my sugar levels in a more balanced realm. I have my shakes with Organic Almond milk combined with the shake averages about 200 calories and holds me for about two hours enough time for a couples massage.

Eating smaller meals means no big family pig outs however like sunday dinners I take about half what I normally would have on my plate. Knowing that if I am hungry when I go home I can have my vege broth as my go to night snack. No major carbs in there but having something heated at night keeps me from craving the high calorie, sugar items I use to rely on.

Seeing the changes from balanced sugars, BP no leg cramps at night, from lack of nutrition, my hair began to get fuller which is hard to do in menopause, and clearer skin are all the things that have improved in just four months on the full spectrum of products.

All in all I am so grateful and happy about my return to Juice Plus+ that I can commit that I will never be without this company and product again!!

Enjoy your day!

Jeannine Millan

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