Spring has sprung however my trusty shovel is near the door till the May long anyways. Spring is a time for cleansing, everything really, like your garage, basement, yard, spring tune up for the car. How about a spring tune up for your body? Last month’s article I introduced the idea of adding oils to your massage sessions. This month I offer Aroma Detox Massage treatment using essential oils in a layering process. This application method has been successful at reducing viruses in the body and pathogens, and inflammation along the spine. Many diagnosed with functional Scoliosis have benefited from the treatment as it also reduces muscle spasms and allows the spine to adjust.

This treatment takes 60 minutes (or 90 if you want a long back massage) and leaves most people feeling somewhat light headed at first. Then either sleepy and needing rest (as the oils remove the toxins) or rejuvenated and ready to go. I never know which way it will go for clients. It’s a great treatment to combine with a seasonal detox program. Digestive clearing is sometimes experienced, it all depends on where you hold your issues or toxins. If nothing else you feel clearer in mind and body.

The treatment is virtually painless in its application however I recommend that in case you do experience some detox symptoms you are not planning anything demanding for two days after. Mention this article and receive 10$ off.

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